Do your old wastewater pipes need renovation?

Inpipe and our installers can help you renovate buried pipes without having to dig them up – what’s known as trenchless or no-dig renovation. And we do it in an environmentally friendly, quick, secure and safe manner! We have been doing this for more than 30 years and are today the biggest manufacturer in the Nordic region of fibreglass-reinforced linings and associated installation equipment.

As people, we are dependent on water. Our modern society is extremely dependent on an efficient pipeline network for water and drainage. You need clean water for drinking, food preparation, washing and hygiene. And it’s just as important that your wastewater is safely led away to a treatment plant for processing. If this apparently simple cycle doesn’t work, the whole society can face major problems.

Sewers are seen by most people as an unpleasant environment, but they are important in ensuring that society functions correctly. Blockages occur in wastewater pipes on a daily basis for different reasons. This can cause problems and health risks for the consumer as leaks and blockages in wastewater pipelines mean an increased risk that wastewater will enter into freshwater pipelines. Blockages increase costs for the municipality, which must rapidly address the problem. In the best case it is possible to simply remedy it with rinsing and removal of routes or other obstacles. In the worst case the municipality is forced to urgently replace worn pipes by digging up whole sections, which is extremely expensive, causes disruption and takes a long time before it is completed.

Our wastewater system is old and worn and is considered to be a ticking economic bomb. The perception is that if we don’t do something about this today in the form of maintenance and renewal, we are merely delaying major problems and extremely expensive emergency measures. Today the renovation rate in Sweden’s wastewater network is generally low – it is estimated that it will take around 250 years before it is completely renewed. The technical lifetime for a wastewater system is considered to be 50 to 100 years. In other words, the relationship between the renewal rate and the lifetime of these systems simply doesn’t work out.

This is the challenge that Inpipe Sweden AB can help you with. With our products and installers, the renovation is quick, costs less than carrying out a full excavation and gives you pipes with a renewed lifetime of 50 to 100 years.