Do your old wastewater pipes need renovation?

Who really cares about sewers?

Our modern society depends on an efficient pipeline network for water and sewerage. We all want clean water for our homes, and it must be possible for the wastewater to be transported to the treatment plant to be processed. If this circuit doesn’t work, a number of problems can arise.

Leaks, blockages and overflows in wastewater pipes are common. This can lead to many unpleasant results and cause major costs and challenges for municipalities as they must be remedied rapidly. If you’re lucky simply rinsing the pipe and removing soil, roots or other obstacles will do the trick. If you’re unlucky, you have to dig up and replace the pipe – which of course is very expensive and takes a long time to do.

Large parts of our wastewater system are considered to be a ticking economic bomb as they are old and worn and need to be renovated. However, it’s widely felt that the rate of renovation is far too slow. At this renovation rate, it’s estimated that it will take around 250 years before all pipes in Sweden have been replaced. The lifetime of a wastewater system is often stated as 50 to 100 years. So the figures just don’t add up!


The majority of people think that sewers are an extremely unpleasant environment. We do too, to be honest. But we love to solve the problems presented by bad pipes.


With our installers, products and knowledge in the field of trenchless renovation, here at Inpipe Sweden AB we can help you achieve a secure, watertight and functioning wastewater system. Here we explain how you can give new life to your old pipes.