What do you do if you can’t access both ends of the pipe to be renovated?

Inpipe’s blind shot method provides the solution for a difficult and often expensive problem. The method is a variation of the inversion method and means that you allow the liner to end blind, or “endless” at a point in the pipe that you cannot access.

You have undoubtedly encountered the problem of only having access to a drain or opening at one end of the pipe. For example, if the pipe goes underneath a building or other sensitive surface that cannot be opened. The blind shot method also works well if you customer only wants to renovate part of a longer section between two drains.

The method is also extremely effective during installation in service lines to buildings.


The blind shot method in brief

Inpipe has developed a method to prepare one end of the inversion liner so that it will end without you needing to cut it or carry out any other measures. The method also entails a means of pulling in the light train without having to have access to both ends. Due to the way it is prepared, at the blind end the liner will be glued to the existing pipe and will have a softly angled transition. When the liner is installed and hardened, you pull out the inner foil and pulley. The blind shot liner is ready to be used.





The image shows the end of an installed blind shot prepared liner in a sectioned pipe. The end adheres to the pipe and is reduced into a soft transition. The end should if possible be in the downstream direction of flow in the pipe.