Do you have completely tight wires?

Ensuring a tight system is important. Intriguing water consumes resources in the treatment plants completely unnecessarily. Intruding soil, rocks and sand can cause flow problems and stops. All in all, this will cause unnecessary costs and problems that must be addressed in the long run. Quick-Lock Liner than worn is used in conjunction with our flexible lining and gives you a permanent seal in the wells in the wells. so that groundwater and sediment can not penetrate your sewage system.

Highest quality!

With its simple installation, sturdy stainless steel construction and age-resistant EPDM seal, transitions between liner and existing pipes, for example in wells, are permanently sealed by shaft-free refurbishment. Just as you want it! The product creates a seal that also makes it suitable for pressurized systems.


Tested and approved!

The product is used frequently in the European market, where the demands are very high on dense sewage systems. It has been tested and approved only German Dibt since 2005. It is also tested by ICT, the German Institute for Underground Infrastructure. You can read the result here 2012_11


Why claim the use of Quick-Lock seals?

A goal of renovating the drainage system is probably that it will get tight! In many procurement, we expect that the transition between liner and existing pipes will be sealed. Often there is no requirement or definition of what “tight” means, and how it should be monitored or evaluated. This can lead to arbitrariness and the risk of using substandard solutions, which in the short or long term can lead to problems with water leakage, clay, soil and sand roots in your sewage system. Set requirements for properly made seals of liner ends and penetrations into wells in your procurement.


Dimensions and accessories

From 150mm up to 1600mm

Quick-Lock consists of a complete system of seals and custom equipment for fast and efficient installation.