Have you come across projects where the renovated pipe has variations i diameter or shape?

Inpipe Flex Liner copes easily with the problem of dimension and form changes. The only thing you need to know apart from the normal data for dimensioning is the largest and smallest dimension of the pipe/circumference. Then you just reline the pipe as normal.












Characteristics, Inpipe Flex Liner:

  • Copes with expanding 125-150% depending on the pipe’s smallest dimension
  • Ring stiffness maintained even in the larger diameter pipe
  • Can be installed by inversion or winching


Advantages, Inpipe Flex Liner:

  • Simple – you install it in just the same way as all other liners.
  • The liner adapts itself to dimension changes at any point in the whole pipe. You avoid having to measure and insert a “tailor-made” liner.
  • Is an excellent choice if you encounter pipes which are not of standard dimensions and which would otherwise require a specially designed liner.
  • SN0.4-SN5 depending on diameter.