Effective installation methods give you big advantages

Inpipe Sweden AB gives you two effective and unique methods of installing liners: the inversion method for liners up to 500 mm and the winching method for all dimensions up to 1800 mm. You benefit from great flexibility in adapting the installation to your particular project. Read about our installation methods.

Inpipe offers modern installation equipment which can handle both methods and makes your work effective and safe. The equipment fits perfectly in a normal lorry and we will work with you to adapt it to your needs. We can also help you if you have special needs, for example for off-road vehicles.


Our equipment copes with all your needs

  • Step feeder for the inversion method and light train up to 9 x 1000W with IR sensors for continuous temperature measurement and front-mounted camera
  • Light train cables
  • Control and monitoring technology for light trains together with data collection and logging system for the installation
  • Different versions of cable winches to suit your needs
  • Hooks and sleeve couplings in different dimensions for connection to the liner
  • Spare parts and accessories

Service agreement

As the owner of Inpipe installation equipment, you have the opportunity to sign a service and maintenance agreement. This means that we will help you to keep your equipment in the best possible condition to ensure optimum safety and efficiency.

Below you can see examples of our installation equipment.