What is quality? The answer to this question is not entirely straightforward, as it often depends on who you ask and in what context.


For Inpipe, quality includes you obtaining:

  • The right product, with the right thickness and ring stiffness and the right length
  • Personal service, support and the right training at the right time from us
  • Effective, quick and easy to use installation methods
  • The right deliveries at the right time and the right place


Quality can also mean that you use the time for the right things. We therefore constantly try to identify things that don’t add any value for you, which we remove or reduce the impact of. For you as a customer this can mean all kinds of things – for example that we continuously develop our installation equipment and make it easier and safer to use.

Inpipe Sweden AB is ISO 9001 certified. This means that you can be confident. We have a well-developed and documented continuous process for quality assurance and constant development of our entire business, our products and service. We do everything from careful reception inspections of all materials and our own regular resistance tests to quality control of the product and packaging when your liner is packed.


Did you know that we inflate many of our products and carefully check every metre visually before we send them to you? All to ensure the quality levels you require.


If something goes wrong

We have developed our internal inspection programme, which guarantees 100% traceability of materials, who has done what and when, and we can trace all operations to your finished product. This is important if something goes wrong. We also have systems for managing and learning from your opinions or if you have suggestions for things we should do better. In addition our installation equipment continuously logs a number of parameters to more easily and quickly be able to evaluate what has gone wrong and how it should be remedied.


We do all of this continuously so that we can constantly improve what we call quality.