What does quality mean to you?

The question can be difficult to answer simply. That the product works as intended and gives a good end result is self-evident, but quality is so much more. We constantly listen to our customers, and our objective is for you to obtain what you are seeking – and ideally a little more. It’s not always easy, but we work constantly with improvements to fulfil your needs and desires.


As a customer, you should be confident that you will get:

  • The dimensions you have ordered
  • The ring stiffness you have ordered
  • The product type you have ordered
  • Delivery at the right time and to the right place
  • The right invoice
  • The right support and service at the right time


Quality also involves other things, so we also give you:

  • Effective installation methods
  • Products that can be handled effectively
  • Clear instructions and appropriate training
  • Minimal environmental impact
  • A good work environment and high safety levels


Inpipe quality assurance

We quality assure all stages of our operations. From strict quality requirements and monitoring of materials from our suppliers to high levels of care when packaging your products.

Through a number of tests, our own laboratory personnel constantly ensure that materials and products fulfil our tough quality requirements before they are sent to you. We have also developed systems to find shortcomings and opportunities for constant improvement and development of our activities and products.


ISO 9001 certified

Naturally we are certified according to ISO 9001, and have been since 1995.