Inpipe Sweden AB is located in Vilhelmina, in northern Sweden

Around us we have a fantastic natural environment, which many people call Europe’s last wilderness. Many of us working at Inpipe live close to the nature and see respect for it as something completely natural and very important!


For us it is also natural that we have a clear focus on caring for our environment in our work. We have a clear environmental policy and collaborate closely with authorities and organisations on environmental issues.








Environmental policy

Our lowest level is requirements according to laws and from authorities. Beyond this, we do everything we can to reduce our environmental impact within an economically justifiable framework. A few examples:

We continuously reduce our use of chemicals and solvents, as this saves both the environment and costs.

We apply a recycling system for the packaging we send our liners out in. This means, quite simply, that you can get money back if/when you send back the packaging. This system is also applied in certain parts of our installation system.

We try as far as possible to combine product deliveries to you as this is more effective from a transport viewpoint and reduces emissions from the transport.